As the name of our vineyard suggests, family is a primary focus of our vineyard and winery, along with high quality, approachable wines, and simplicity in approach. 

Picture of Bozzo family

Our family is growing, this project is part of their future, and we want to pass it on to them.  Likewise, we want to share our wine with other families.  Those who share wine and good times with us will become part of our family.  

Your experience at our vineyard will be simple, but, we think, well thought out and enjoyable.  All of our patrons should find wines to their liking and we hope the discerning patron will say (as our friend and consultant has said) “this is fabulous.”  

Our pitch is good wine, Loudoun County mountain and vineyard views, and a pleasant place to enjoy them that fits the beautiful surroundings. 

Photo of mountain view from Bozzo Family Vineyards

We strive to be responsible land stewards.  What’s on our site, stays here.  We use high quality, low drift, sprayers and other sensible controls to keep materials we use on our site.  

From day 1, our neighbors have been informed by visit and in writing about our plans, including vineyard establishment, buildings, and other activities.  We want them to enjoy living near our vineyard and winery and we want to preserve the farming tradition that lives on in western Loudoun.  

We care about our environment.  Our winery waste water will go into EPA approved injection wells after significant pre-treatment.  We are or will be using using passive solar technologies, significant building insulation (above current construction standards), LED/EnergyStar/dark sky lighting and appliances, low power split heat pumps, and more.  We have engaged in discussions with James Madison University about a possible wind turbine trial.

Photo of our Sauvignon Blanc Grapes on Vine

We hope you'll visit us.

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