Coronavirus update:  We have re-opened our tasting room operations with open & reserved indoor & outdoor seating, wine by the bottle, glass, and flight, food options, and thorough CV protocols on this page.

Coronavirus protocols.  Your well being is paramount.  Help us maintain our CV protocols.  

Our Protocols.  To help protect our staff and our customers, and in accordance with Virginia requirements, we will do the following:

1.  Clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces, including tables, stools, chairs, bars, bathrooms, faucet handles, door knobs, light switches, card readers, and iPad/registers, before first employee or customer use and after every employee or customer use.

2.  Provide every customer single use service items or reusable sanitized glassware, and, upon request, bottled water.

3.  Wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water or with alcohol based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds before customer service, after bathroom use, after removing protective gloves, after handling trash, after other possible contamination events.

4.  Wear protective masks if not fully vaccinated when facing customers indoors or outside.

5.  Require staff to remain at home if they are ill.

6.  Require staff to perform and pass wellness screens before reporting for each shift.

7.  Sell bottles, flights, and glasses of wine.

8.  Provide white board, digital, and disposable paper menus.

9.  Offer prepackaged food and complimentary snack items.  Customers may continue to bring their own food items.

10.  Provide open & reserved outdoor seating for parties of 6 or less and reserved group event  seating for parties of 8-14. Indoor seating is limited to parties of 2-4 per table, as available. 

11.  Require customers who cannot observe our customer Coronavirus Protocols to visit us another time when they can observe the protocols.  We need to protect each other.  

Customer Protocols.  To help protect our staff and customers, we require our customers who visit us to do the following:

12.  Require social distancing between customer tables, between customers in line for our bathroom, and between customers and musicians of at least 6'.

13.  Require customers who are not fully-vaccinated (at least 2 weeks after final vaccine shot) to wear masks while visiting us, except when seated at tables and drinking or eating.  Fully-vaccinated customers do not have to wear masks, indoors or outside.

14.  Require our customers to visit us only when they are well and not when they are ill.