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Land Search Anew

I engaged a very good vineyard consultant (Alex) for THE parcel of land my wife and I have under contract. Preliminary soil samples were good but more detailed mapping and sampling were required before closing. We had to be sure we could grow at least 5 acres of good quality vinifera fruit, build a tasting room/winery, and put in the necessary infrastructure (road, parking, septic/drain field system, deer fence, and equipment shed). After further testing and mapping (by Alex), we determined planting would be limited to a little over 3 acres (about 600 cases) and conventional septic/drain field systems wouldn’t work. The latter means we’d spend 3 or more times the money for waste water treatment thus diminishing the available...

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Land Acquisition

First step in a new vineyard is not land acquisition.  Per my best friend and coach (my wife), its getting smart and working in a vineyard.  So I did that over the course of about 2 years.  I got certified in viticulture via PVCC’s (in Charlottesville, VA) workforce services program in viticulture (and am near certification in enology) and I worked at a few vineyards pruning, planting, leaf pulling, shoot tucking, fruit dropping, fruit picking, general laboring and cleaning, fruit crushing, wine bottling, wine labeling, wine packing, wine racking, wine blending . . . you get the picture. Second step in a new vineyard is checking the bank account and land search and acquisition.  I started searching for land on my own...

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